Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat in Cambodia
the world's largest religious monument built in the 12th century
now a world heritage site
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Vegetables and Herbs

Tumpaeng Tramm - Pickled Bamboo Shoot
Tumpaeng Tramm ...
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Popiay Chrung - Angled Bean
Popiay Chrung -...
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Pumpkin Flowers
Pumpkin Flowers
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Pkar Lpov - Pumpkin Flower
Pkar Lpov - Pum...
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Sleuk Mlou - Betel Leave
Sleuk Mlou - Be...
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Sleuk Kantuot - Otaheite Gooseberry (Cerisier de Tahiti).jpg Sleuk Kantuot - Otaheite Gooseberry (Cerisier de Tahiti)
Sleuk Kantuot -...
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Daerm Traleungtoeung - Bilimbi
Daerm Traleungt...
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Daerm Sdav - Neem Tree or Margosier.jpg Daerm Sdav - Neem Tree or Margosier
Daerm Sdav - Ne...
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Daem Trav Slar - Black Taro
Daem Trav Slar ...
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Sleuk Chhouk Lotus Leave (used as food wrappers)
Sleuk Chhouk Lo...
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Komar Pech - a type of traditional Medicine
Komar Pech - a ...
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Daerm Kampleung - Lily Poison Bulb
Daerm Kampleung...
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Tnamm Khmer - Traditional Medicine.JPG Tnamm Khmer - Traditional Medicine
Tnamm Khmer - T...
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Traditional Medicine
Traditional Med...
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Prolit - Edible Lilly (fresh from the pond)
Prolit - Edible...
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Plae Tnaot Kchey - green Palm Fruit
Plae Tnaot Kche...
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Pkar Tnaot - Palm Flower
Pkar Tnaot - Pa...
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Tra-yong Chek Banana Blossom
Tra-yong Chek B...
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Trorb Veng & Trorb Srouy - Khmer Aubergine
Trorb Veng & Tr...
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Plae Mraeh - Bitter Gourd
Plae Mraeh - Bi...
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