Kroeung/Spice Pastes
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Spices_-_Saraman_Paste_-_thumbnail ingredient_-_green_spice_paste_3_-_edited_-_thumbnail Spices_-_Kroeung_Loeung_-_Thumbnail

Kroeung Kari Saraman
Saraman Curry Paste
Recipe ...

Kroeung Samlor Prahoeur
Green Curry Paste
Recipe ... 

Kroeurng Samlor Mchou
Yellow Curry Paste
Recipe ... 

Sauce - Tik Trei Chou-em Spices_-_Red_curry-paste_-_thumbnail phoca thumb l ingredient - kroeung amok  nam-ya - gallery 

Tik Trei Pa-em
Sweet Dipping Sauce
Recipe ...

 Kroeung Kari Moan
Red Curry Paste
Recipe ...
 Kroeung Amok & Nam-ya
Curry Paste for Amok &
Nam-ya Soup - Recipe ...
phoca thumb l sauce - pomegranate coulis - tik skor krob totim - gallery sauce_-_Tik_Mteh_Plaok_Chruk_-_thumbnail sauce_-_sweet_chilli_sauce_-_thumbnail
Tik Skor Totim
Pomegranate Coulis
Recipe ...

 Tik Mteh Plaok Chruk
Khmer Sweet Pepper Sambal
Recipe ...
Tik M'teh Pa-em
Sweet Chilli Sauce 
Recipe ...



Ingredient - How to Deseed Pomegranate - Step 4 gallery  Sauce - Tik Sieng Pa-em - Sweet Hoi-sin Sauce sauce_-_Lime_dressing_1_-_thumbnail 

How to Deseed Pomegranate
in Two Minutes
Method ...

Tik Sieng Pa-em
Hoi-sin Dipping Sauce
Recipe ...

Tik Trei Krauch Chmar
Sweet Lime Dressing
Recipe ...

Ingredient - Tik Prahok - Msize Sauce_-_Ginger_Sauce_-_edited_2_-_thumbnail  ingredient - Coconut Cream Sauce - thumbnail 

Tik Prahok

Prahok Juice
Recipe ...

Tik Trei Rumdeng
Sweet Galangal Dressing 
Recipe ...
 Tik Ktih Daung
Coconut Cream Sauce
Re ...
 How to Roll Spring Rolls - Illustration  Ingredient - Red Jalapino Ring  How to Roll Fresh Summer Rolls - Illustration
Mou Nem Chien
How to Roll Fried Spring Rolls

Mteh Jalapeno

Jalapeno Chillies

Mou Nem Srorh
How to roll Fresh
Summer Rolls - Illustrations



Ingredient - Mteh Dey Neang  Ingredient - Rainbow Chillies - Msize Ingredient - Mteh Sar Tom

Mteh Dey Neang Tum
Red Finger Chillies

 Mteh Pram Porr
Rainbow Chillies

Mteh Kanh-chom

Ripe White Chillies

Ingredient - Mteh Plaok Kandeung
Mteh Tradaok Ko

Green Cow Bell Peppers

Ingredient - Yellow Cayenne Pepper  Ingredient - 3 Red Chillies  Leaves - Msize Ingredient - Mteh Plauk Mexican

Mteh Phluk

Yellow Finger Chillies

 Mteh Apache
Apache chillies

Mteh Plaok Tum

Red Mexican Chillies



Ingredient - Birds Eye Chillies


Mteh Kmaing Kchei/Tum

Red\Green Hot Chillies


Ingredient - Chillies from my Garden Veggy - Bell Chilli Pepper - Msize  Ingredient - Green Finger Chillies

Mteh Sborng Tum

Red Capsicum Baccatum

Mteh Tradaok Ko
Cow Bell Chilli Pepper

Mteh Dey Neang

Green Finger Chillies

Ingredient - Mteh ChnaahTum
Mteh Chnah Tum
Red Bird's Eye Chillies



Ingredient - Mteh Plaok Kchey  Ingredient - Six types of chillies - Msize Iingredient - Yellow Bell Pepper

Mteh Plaok Kchei

Green Cayenne Pepper

 Seven Types of
Hot Chillies

Mteh Poivron
Bell/Sweet Pepper 

 Ingredient - Yellow Finger Chilli - Msize Ingredient - Drying Chillies  Ingredient - Purple Round Chillies
Mteh Dey Neang Loeung

Yellow Finger Chillies

Haal Mteh
Drying Chillies 
 Mteh Laek Moul
Cherry Purple Chillies
Ingredient - Green Birds Eye Chillies  Ingredient - Purple Jalapeno Chillies - Msize Ingredient - Mteh Kmav

Mteh Chnah Kchei

Green Bird's Eye Chillies


 Mteh Laek Jalapeno
Purple Jalapeno Chillies


Mteh Kmav

Black Chillies