Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat in Cambodia
the world's largest religious monument built in the 12th century
now a world heritage site
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Kroeung/Spice Pastes
& Sauces & How to ...

Spices_-_Saraman_Paste_-_thumbnail ingredient_-_green_spice_paste_3_-_edited_-_thumbnail Spices_-_Kroeung_Loeung_-_Thumbnail

Kroeung Kari Saraman
Saraman Curry Paste
Recipe ...

Kroeung Samlor Prahoeur
Green Curry Paste
Recipe ... 

Kroeurng Samlor Mchou
Yellow Curry Paste
Recipe ... 

Sauce - Tik Trei Chou-em Spices_-_Red_curry-paste_-_thumbnail phoca thumb l ingredient - kroeung amok  nam-ya - gallery 

Tik Trei Pa-em
Sweet Dipping Sauce
Recipe ...

 Kroeung Kari Moan
Red Curry Paste
Recipe ...
 Kroeung Amok & Nam-ya
Curry Paste for Amok &
Nam-ya Soup - Recipe ...
phoca thumb l sauce - pomegranate coulis - tik skor krob totim - gallery sauce_-_Tik_Mteh_Plaok_Chruk_-_thumbnail sauce_-_sweet_chilli_sauce_-_thumbnail
Tik Skor Totim
Pomegranate Coulis
Recipe ...

 Tik Mteh Plaok Chruk
Khmer Sweet Pepper Sambal
Recipe ...
Tik M'teh Pa-em
Sweet Chilli Sauce 
Recipe ...