Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat in Cambodia
the world's largest religious monument built in the 12th century
now a world heritage site
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Snack - Num Sakou Andaet 2

Main dish - sach chrouk aing

Main Dish - Sach Ko Aing - Grilled Beef Filet

Num SaKou Andaet
Sago Cakes in Coconut Sauce
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Sach Chrouk Aing & Chruk
Grilled Pork & Pickle
Re ...

Sach Ko Aing Tik Trei M'teh
Grilled Beef wih Chilli Sauce
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Snack - Prahett Sach Ko Aing - Msize

Snack - Nom Krouk - Coconut Rice Cakes - Msize

Snack - Paut Doh Kambao

Prahett Sach Ko Aing
Grilled Spicy Beef Balls
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Num Kruok
Khmer Rice Cakes
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Paut Doh Kambao
Sweet Corn & Shredded
Coconut Snack -
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Snack - Num Kawng - Khmer Doughnuts - Msize

Snack - Num Sambok Chab

Num Korng
Khmer Doughnut & Sugar
Caramel - Re ...

Prahok Chra-luok
Khmer Crudités Prahok Dip
recipe ...

Num Lum-orng Cheik
Caramelised Coconut in
Sticky Rice Paper - Re ...