Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat in Cambodia
the world's largest religious monument built in the 12th century
now a world heritage site
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Main Dish - Chhar Ngiav - Fried Cockles - Msize

phoca thumb l num tnaot

Bai Tapae
Yeasty Glutinous Rice Cakes
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Chha Ngiav
Fried Cockles & Spring Onion
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Num Tnaot
Palm Fruit Coconut Rice
Cakes -
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 Salad - Plia Kampeuh v3

Snack - Babor Bangkia Srorh

Snack - Num Korn - Sweet Dumpling in Banana Leaves - Msize

Plia Kampeuh
Freshwater Krill Salad
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Babor Bangkia Srorh
Rice Porridge & Spicy Prawns
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Num Korm
Palm Sugar Coconut in Sticky
Rice Dumpling -
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Snack or Dessert - Kroch Tlong - Pomelo or Asian Grapefruit Pulps - Msize



Kroch Tlong
Khmer Sweet Pomelo
Eaten as snack or dessert

Kuy Tiav Chhar
Fried Rice Noodles & Prawns
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Bai Nhoam Bangkorng Khor
Rice & Caramelised Freshwater
Lobstor Snack
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